Geography of jammu kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is home to several valleys such as the Kashmir Valley, Tawi Valley, Chenab Valley, Punch Valley, Sind Valley and Lidder Valley. The main. Jammu and Kashmir is a state in northern India, often denoted by its acronym, J&K. It is located mostly in the Himalayan. Jammu and Kashmir, state of India, located in the northern part of the Indian subcontinent in the vicinity of the Karakoram and westernmost Himalayan mountain.

Geography of Jammu and Kashmir State. Geologists believe that about ten crore years have passed when Kashmir Valley which was once a lake called Satisar. Situation, Location, Area and Extent. The territories of Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh and Gilgit form the State of Jammu and Kashmir. The state of Jammu and. Geography. Jammu and Kashmir has many valleys to name it as Kashmir valley, Tawi valley, Sind Valley, Chenab valley, Lidder Valley, and Punch Valley.

Geography of Jammu & Kashmir State by Dr. A. N. Raina. Radha Krishan Anand & Co. Pacca Danga, Jammu. PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial. Physical Divisions, Mountains and Passes. The State of Jammu and Kashmir falls in the great north-western, complex of the Himalayan ranges with marked. With some of the most beautiful valleys and the highest mountains, the geography of Jammu & Kashmir is quite varied and amazes the people.