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Standards of Professional Practice (SPP) is a required document under Sec. 41 of A. No. (The 1, UAP Documents - General Conditions, click here. be the official reference document on the methods of compensation and ln comollance with the PRBoA Resolution No.3, thc UAP' through [|o. b CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT POST-CONSTRUCTION SERVICES 1. INTRODUCTION Orig uap docs from Uap.

UAP Documents September 5, | Author: Criselle Barquilla | Category: Industries, Real Estate, Business, Design, Architect. UAP DOCUMENT GENERAL CONDITIONS SECTION 1: DEFINITIONS CONTRACT DOCUMENTS – consists of the following: 1. , and the proposed Standards of Professional Practice, UAP Documents Nos. , , , , , , and , which are hereto attached and.

SPECTRUM OF THE ARCHITECTS SERVICES The Spectrum of the Architect's Services UAP Doc Pre-Design Services “EPASSSSP” - NON CREATIVE. UAP Doc Standards of Professional Practice View the Original UAP Documents as Issued in via Slideshare below. The following Contract Documents shall be attached to, deemed to form, and be . E. UAP Documents (General Conditions) is acknowledged to be part of. UAP DOCUMENT GENERAL CONDITIONS. SECTION 1: DEFINITIONS. by. enni gomez. on 9 March Comments (0). Please log in to add your.